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* Surcharges apply when choosing Hair Paint Free for colour services

Cuts and Styling
Please note, to ensure precision all haircuts include a blowdry.

Wash, cut, blowdry


Wash, cut, blowdry - Extra long & dense hair

From $105

Wash & cut (Curly Hair only)


Wash & Blowdry Extra Short


Wash & Blowdry Short


Wash & Blowdry Medium


Wash & Blowdry Long


Add Curls

from $15

Add Braid after cut (wet hair)

from $15


from $85

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Men's wash & cut


Men's clipper cut


Beard Trim


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Guava Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Short $199


Medium $250


Long $299+

Cut after Keratin

add $40

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pH-Bonder - from $30


REDKEN, a pioneer of pH science, introduces new pH-Bonder, a complete solution to promote bond integrity during a hair colour or lightening service. 

#1 Bond Protecting Additive helps protect bonds from within. #2 Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate balances hair’s pH and strengthens the fiber. No change in your formula consistency, developer volume or processing time. 

Take Home Post-Service Perfector weekly treatment helps maintain hair’s natural pH at home -  $39.95


Intense care through highly concentrated ingredients

Shot Phase contains specialized ingredients that compensate for missing components in the hair due to hair distress. Using proteins, natural oils and other nourishing ingredients, Shot Phase supplies hair with a concentrated dose of what
it needs most.


Deep treatment for weakened, distressed hair. Contains a concentrated dose of protein that fortifies chemically distressed hair and helps reinforce the internal fiber.

Color Extend

Deep treatment for color-treated hair. UVA and UVB filters help protect hair colour against fading, while Ceramide helps reconstruct and strengthen hair condition.

All soft

Deep treatment for dry, brittle hair. Replenishes moisture balance in hair’s keratin for pliability and lasting suppleness, while Argan Oil delivers intense, luxurious softness.

SHOT PHIX (included with SHOT PHASE)

Corrective treatment for distressed hair

Formulated with REDKEN’s exclusive Interlock Protein Network (IPN), this acidic spray-on lotion helps lock in the specialized ingredients contained in Shot Phase onto the hair. It also rebalances the pH level of the hair and helps to seal the cuticle to leave hair in its most compact, healthy condition.

Colour - Tints*

Full Head

from $95