Pitted acne scars 🙅🏼‍♀️_X 4 sessions o

Full face $199

Neck $149

Full face and neck $249

Hands $149

Breast $299

Full back $499

Stretch marks from  $159

Body Areas Availbale, Price on Consultation.

Skin Needling

Dermaplaning 👌_Peach fuzz be gone !_#de

Half face $49

Full face $89

Removal of vellous hair (peach fuzz)

Epidermal Leveling

Must book in with Liz......__rejuvaderm_

45 min delux $129

30 min express $99

We use Bio-theraputic BT-CUTICALS skin care range, advanced technology accelerated skin care specifically designed for professional results and tailored to optimize your hydrodermabrasion treatment. Customized facial for Acne therapy, brightening and hydrating.


Full face of PRP injections.jpg

Full Face $299

Tear Trough $150

Other areas $ Price on consultation

Price Body

PRP Injections

Dermatologist at Work

First Skin Tag $50

Thereafter $10

All Skin Tags Must be removed in single treatment appointment.

Skin Tag Removal

💥W O W💥 _rejuvaderm_aesthetics!_・・・_IP

Full Face $199

Forehead $69

Cheeks $69

Chin $59

Nose $49

Neck $99

Upper or lower back $199

Individualized to your skin and treatment plan. Packages Available.

IPL Acne Treatments


Full Face $199

Neck $149

Face and Neck $299

Forehead $99

Breast Lifting $299

Abdomen $199

Buttocks $219

Skin Tightening for a firmer, more youthful appearance and younger skin.

Radio Frequency

Wow I just saw this and needed to repost

Prices Start From $199

Prices based on size of surface area covered. Please schedule a consultation.

Hair Restoration

Pucker up!💋_・・・_Bio-filler is a natural

1 Ml $250

5 Mls $950


Natural Alternative to Standard Filler.

Bio Filler

No filter ❌_X3 sessions of skin needling

Full Face $349

Face and Neck $449

Other areas $ Price on Consultation

Skin Needling / Collagen Induction Therapy incorporated with PRP.

Vampire Facials


Full Face $499

Full Face and Neck $650

Choose your Cocktail:

-HA Filler

-Muscle Relaxer


-Vitamin C

-Hyaluronic Acid

-Vitamin A

-Copper Peptides

-Vitamin B3

Micro Filler

LED Light Therapy_Originally developed t

1 Hour $99

30 Minutes $49

Colours Available:








LED Light Therapy

liz picture_edited.jpg

Pigmentation Correction, Vascular Therapy and Photo Rejuvenation.


Hands $129

Cheeks $109

Full Face $199

Forehead $59

Upper or lower back $219

Full Back $ 349

Arms $199

Neck $129

Nose $59

Specific for:
Sun Damage
Mature Skin
Hyper pigmentation
Atrophic Scars

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Body Conscious

Lower Body

Brazilian (Female)

$50...... Pre-Pay 4 $150

Bikini $30

G-String Bikini $40

Inner Buttocks $25

Feet & Toes $25

Knees $32

Full Leg $150

Half Leg Lower $85

Half Leg Upper $90

3/4 Leg $120

Buttocks $85

Full Body

Full Body Ladies $349

Full Body Men's (excludes brazilian) $349



IPL Special #1

1/2 Leg, Brazilian/Bikini & Underarm $99



IPL Special #2

Full Leg, Brazilian/Bikini & Underarm $129



IPL Special #3

Brazilian & Underarm $ 50

IPL special #4

Full Back, Chest & Stomach $129

Super Hair Removal (SHR/IPL)

skin peels_edited.jpg

$ Price on consultation.

Individualized treatments for specific skin concerns and areas.

Skin Peels


Lip $14

Chin $14

Sides of face $20

Full Face $50

Eyebrow (middle only) $8

Upper Body

Back $99

Back & Shoulders $125

Snail Trail $20

Stomach $65

Chest $65

Chest & Stomach $105

Underarms $30

Full Arm $80

Half Arm $49

Super Hair Removal (SHR/IPL)