EvoLux Technology

The multi IPL/RF system is a high powered

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) based multi treatment system.


The system features a highly effective RF function for collagen induction skin tightening via its dedicated fractional bipolar RF modality and specific RF handpiece.

RF provides collagen induction using closely positioned bipolar electrodes providing dermal heating into deep layers of the skin, for natural rebuilding of collagen fibres. Unlike laser therapy, the majority of the energy is focused inside the dermis (deep within the skin) while only a small percentage of the epidermis (skin surface) is affected, resulting in deep dermal heating, with less negative surface heating, and thus ultimately a better result with minimal pain, inconvenience and down time. Also unlike laser treatments, all skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6) can be treated.

The electric current that goes between the bipolar electrodes is relatively small and shallow. As a result the tissue in the treated area is heated less deeply (usually 2-4mm) and less intensely (compared to monopolar RF devices). Thus bipolar RF procedures are safer than monopolar ones and significantly more comfortable.

Furthermore to improve the risk/benefit profile of bipolar RF, energy is delivered with a fractional (non-continuous) approach as used in other directed energy treatments (such as lasers). The fractional approach treats many (very small) discontinuous areas of the skin in a grid-like fashion (as opposed to treating large contiguous areas). It is easier for the body to repair many small lesions than a single large one. This provides a way to apply greater energy density without necessarily increasing the rate of side effects. Conversely it reduces the rate of side effects while applying standard energy density.

IPL & E-Light

The system features a highly effective IPL function as well as an IPL & RF combined function (called E-Light) for several skin treatments, via the system's IPL or E-Light modalities and specific 'E-Light' handpiece. The 'E-Light' handpiece is used for both IPL and E-Light modalities.

IPL treats acne conditions and fades pigmentation skin blemishes. E-Light (IPL & RF combined) treats vascular (spider veins / broken capillaries) conditions and performs skin rejuvenation. The combination of low power intense pulsed light and electromagnetic RF energy of the E-Light modality, provides superior skin rejuvenation (increased skin firmness, reduced pore sizes and improved skin tone) and vascular skin condition treatment results, when compared to using a light only IPL treatment.


Also unlike laser treatments all skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6) can be treated for skin rejuvenation and acne and vascular skin conditions. However only skin types 1-4 are treatable for pigmentation blemish fading.

The cell structures of the conditions causing rosacea, pigmentation, spider veins/broken capillaries, acne or simply the ageing of skin, absorb precise energy levels which then destroy the causes of these particular conditions, while also helping to promote production of new collagen and elastin for rejuvenated looking skin.

For skin rejuvenation, IPL combined with RF energy (E-Light) results in collagen enhanced, tighter and younger looking skin, with bulky pores reduced to effectively tighten the skin.

While the electromagnetic RF is not utilised for pigmentation blemish fading and acne reduction, IPL is specifically controlled for all treatments with light filters, and this results in more effective outcomes for acne reduction and pigmentation/redness blemish correction, than traditional broad wavelength IPL treatments. Acne reduction using IPL is an effective new therapy revolutionising the treatment of acne by destroying the most common bacteria that causes acne. Fading of superficial epidermal pigmentation including freckles and age spots is also achievable for many skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 4) using IPL.

IPL with RF combined (E-Light) for vascular skin conditions treatments, selectively heats and destroys different sized blood vessels at depths below the skin's surface with in most instances excellent results, allowing the treatment of complex and interwoven networks of large vessels and webs of small capillaries with accuracy - eliminating unwanted veins and sparing adjacent healthy ones.


The system features a highly effective SHR function for hair removal or reduction, via the system's SHR modality and specific 'SHR' handpiece.

SHR uses cooled flashlamps filtered at light wavelengths suited for specific hair colours and skin types, along with high pulse repetition rates and low energy levels. With this SHR technology, the skin can be painlessly massaged repeatedly between six to ten times, with gradual heating of the hair follicles, which absorb the light energy into the hair pigment to disable hair growth cells.

Laser and traditional IPL based hair removal technologies employ short impulses of approximately 2-300 milliseconds, applying a vast amount of energy (25-35 Joule on one square centimetre). Energy is transported to the hair root through melanin, where warmth of 65-75° Celsius is produced. Energy reaches the root of the hair follicle solely through melanin. However the latest SHR technologies as implemented in the EvoLux system's SHR modality and specific 'SHR' handpiece, use the melanin path only partially (50%). Additionally research has shown that a slower, but longer heating process is considerably more effective for permanent hair reduction than high and short levels of energy. Therefore when using SHR, the handpiece is passed over the skin multiple times using low energy but a high rate of repetition (up to 10 times per second) instead of using the traditional delivery method of single, high-energy impulses. Thus the hair melanin, as well as the tissue of the stem cells, is heated with low energy at a slow pace and over a longer period to a comfortable temperature of 45° Celsius.