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Evolux RF Skin Tightening

Treatment Area's 


Full Face - Chin & Neck - Décolletage - Lower Stomach - Upper Arms - Buttocks - Back of Thighs - Inner Thighs - Outer Thigh -

Love Handles - Bra Rolls - Lower Back - Knees - Elbows  

The Evolux system features a highly effective RF function for collagen induction skin tightening via its dedicated fractional bipolar RF modality and specific RF handpiece.

Fractional RF is heat that is delivered into the epidermal layer of the skin stimulating the collagen and elastin re-production.
The RF triggers a controlled wound healing response which causes an inflamed stimulation of fibroblast activity

and cellular turn over. Fibroblast that are located in the dermal layer are biological cells which produce protein
molecules. These cells diminish through time and age. Radio Frequency will help re- build those
fibroblasts with multiple treatments. Radio Frequency treatment is great for oily acne prone
skin, mature fine lines, open pores, scarring, acne scarring and increases firmness.



• Can easily target specific areas
• Treats full face, neck and whole body
• Improves cellulite appearance
• Little downtime
• No surgery or aesthetic required
• Suitable for all skin types
• Suitable for stretch marks, acne & scar revision, fine lines, rejuvenation & loose crepey skin
• Mineral makeup may be applied after treatment



The Dermis is heated, causing tissue retraction. Local controlled contractions of the collagen fibres occur, immediately tightening the skin (for a temporary time). An increase of collagen and elastin is introduced and will be visible after 3-6 months of continuous treatments. Skin tone & texture is improved by creating a controlled ablative thermal stamp to the selected area of treatment stimulating cell regeneration, helping with acne scars and repairing the skin.

❖Recommended 4-8 treatments 

❖1 treatment every 2-4 weeks, depending on the recovery time of the previous treatment

❖Maintenance of 2 treatments per year are recommended 

❖Post treatment a warm prickly sensation on the skin can last for up to 1-4 hours

❖Erythema (redness) and crusting can be expected 

TREATMENT TIME: Approximately 30 minutes per area


16 years requires parental consent and supervision at consultation and treatment

17 years requires parental consent

RF Skin Tightening.png

RF Skin Tightening
Single Treatment

$129 per area/treatment


RF Skin Tightening
4 Pack (Per Treatment Area) 

Prepay $440 

= $110 per area/treatment

Fractional RF.png

RF Skin Tightening
8 Pack (Per Treatment Area)

Prepay $800

= $100 per area/treatment

Total saving of $232

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